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Texans Helping Texans Find Their Voice

Texas Talks Speech provides the following skilled services:

  • Caregiver/Patient Consultations

  • Evaluations

  • Individualized Therapy sessions

  • Screenings

  • Caregiver Education

We also work with you to ensure you understand your payment and insurance options prior to your first appointment.

Caregiver/Patient Consultation

Texas Talks Speech is happy to offer complimentary consultations to discuss your concerns and answer questions regarding speech therapy.  We are available to share information and resources and to help determine if speech therapy is right for you.


Texas Talks Speech offers comprehensive speech and language evaluations to diagnose communication disorders and determine the need for speech therapy intervention.  Following an evaluation, each patient receives an individualized treatment plan and we will meet with caregivers/patients to review the results and discuss therapy recommendations.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Texas Talks Speech is pleased to offer the convenience of in-daycare and online (teletherapy) therapy sessions in addition to appointments at our office.  Therapy sessions are planned based on individual treatment plans to target a patient's specific goals and engage in reinforcement activities.

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